Skule Ski Trip: 2022 Reading Week Trip

This anticipated annual trip will be held at Mont Tremblant! Get ready for skiing and snowboarding during the day, and nightlife around the lodge and village in the evening. Purchasing our tickets include the following benefits:

Round trip

Your ticket includes a luxury coach bus ride to Mont Tremblant and back to UofT. Pick-up point will be at Sandford Fleming building.

Two nights

Included in the ticket are two nights of lodging near the Mont Tremblant village. Sign up with a group to get a suite to yourselves!

2 or 3-day lift tickets

You have the option to choose between 2-day or 3-day lift tickets. These are all-day tickets that let you ride down the slopes of Mont Tremblant!

Watch the highlights of the 2020 Reading Week Trip to Mont Tremblant